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Why Invest

Qt is set to benefit from long-term industry trends

There are four major change trends in the industry that we foresee having a positive effect on Qt Group’s future:

The growing importance of user experience

Increasingly, the value of a product is determined by the user experience it offers. This is important since often it is totally based on the program rather than physical features. This means that the chosen development tools have to support the crafting of memorable user experiences.


Modern applications are developed to be used on all screen sizes and in all situations. This means that program development tools have to be able to work with numerous different devices and operating systems in an as efficient and user-friendly a way as possible.

Increase in utilising open source code

Use of open source code is expanding into many different business areas due to the fact that companies do not want to be trapped within a single proprietary technology ecosystem. Instead, businesses are looking for an alternative that offers a global ecosystem and a solid future outlook.

The transformation of distribution and business models

Software applications and their distribution networks are undergoing a major disruption. The traditional distribution of software is now almost completely digital, with operative logics that often include cloud services. This means that the business model increasingly includes a subscription or, for consumer services, an ad-based revenue model.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020