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Growth drivers

A vibrant, expanding market

Qt Group operates in the global software development tools market, estimated to be worth over 10 billion US dollars. In 2016, there are approximately 20 million software developers globally; this is expected to grow to approximately 25 million by 2020. From Qt’s perspective, the most important sectors of the market are traditional application development, mobile applications, embedded systems and Internet of Things. Qt technology can be used successfully in all of these sectors.

The Internet of Things drives growth in embedded systems

The market for embedded systems is the single greatest potential area of commercial growth for Qt Group. In 2014, the market for development tools for embedded systems was valued at approximately one billion US dollars, of which around a quarter is potential market for Qt. Moreover, the market is expected to grow significantly in the future as IoT brings connectivity to all devices – and the value for users increasingly comes from the software rather than the device.

Growing demand for cross-platform tools

As embedded systems become more common, the number of different devices they serve grows as well. This presents a huge opportunity for a provider of cross-platform development tools. Today, software and applications are served on all screens and in all situations, and the requirement for doing this successfully is developing efficient and user-friendly applications in a world of disparate systems and devices.

Strong technology know-how

Qt technology has been developed over the past 20 years. During this time, we’ve cultivated an understanding of the kind of technology software developers need, as well as their working methods and the advance in software and device technology.

Qt Group’s research and product development function employs approximately a hundred researchers and has premises in Berlin, Oslo and Oulu.

A sales-ready product that meets customer needs

Qt technology has been developed to answer real customer needs, and it includes developer tools, a technology library to support software development, as well as support for different operating and device systems. We manage the entire technology platform, meaning that our customers can set up their own Qt-based development environments.

Wide network of software developers

We are in close contact with the Qt open source community, which includes thousands of active participants who independently produce a part of the technology development of Qt. The entire active Qt developer community is over a million developers strong – which is a significant community when compared to the developer communities of competing technologies.

This wide network of software developers ensure that we get feedback and insight into the global changes and trends in technology. This is especially important for our research, product development and sales investments.

Qt’s expertise is based on experience and skill

Qt’s leadership has long-term operative experience in running businesses in the global marketplace. We work actively to promote the skills of its employees, as well as their well-being and commitment to the Qt vision. At the same time we’re developing our workplace to support flexibility, innovation and productivity in the rapidly changing global marketplace.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020