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Qt Group’s corporate governance is based on the Finnish Companies Act, Securities Market Act, general recommendations on corporate governance, the company’s Articles of Association and in-company rules and regulations on corporate governance. The Company adheres to the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 issued by the Securities Market Association.

Based on integrity, accountability, fairness and transparency, Qt Group’s corporate governance principles are reflected in the following statements of intent.

  • The company complies with the applicable laws and rules and regulations
  • The company organises, plans and manages its operations, and does business abiding by the applicable professional requirements approved by Board members, who demonstrate due care and responsibility in performing their duties
  • The company demonstrates special prudence with respect to the management of its capital and assets
  • The company’s policy is to keep all market participants actively, openly and equitably informed of its businesses and operations
  • The company’s management, administration and personnel are subject to the appropriate internal and external audit and supervision

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Updated: Feb 17, 2022